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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… We LOVE shooting Brooklyn weddings!

This stunner took place at The Prospect Park Picnic House, one of our favorite spots in the borough. It doesn’t get much better than walking around Prospect Park with a couple on their wedding day, especially when they bring their cute dog along for photos :)

The ceremony took place at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph in Prospect Heights, full of intricate architectural details, gorgeous stained glass and seriously beautiful light. The guests were then bussed to The Picnic House and we took the couple for a spin around our favorite park in Brooklyn.

We then  joined the guests for cocktail hour at The Picnic House. and had the honor of photographing some delicious appetizers made by Simply Divine. Everyone loves food that tastes great, but this food also looked gorgeous and was incredibly photogenic. The owner used to be a sculptor, so she brings a very creative element to her food presentation.

Towards the end of the reception, after guests danced their tails off, ate like kings and drank like fish, the couple had a Korean Tea Ceremony (Bride is Korean). We truly loved the vibrant colors, the words of wisdom family had to say to the couple and the inspiring tradition which goes back centuries.

Thanks again for bringing us onboard to document this momentous day in your lives. We had a blast and couldn’t be happier with the results.

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It may have been December when we captured this stunning wedding, but the love between this couple was so strong that it warmed up the NYC atmosphere (we like to think this way anyway rather than get depressed about global warming!)

The day started off with getting ready photos at The Yale Club.  As you can see below, the bride did her own make up which was very impressive! She also brought her cute little dog to accompany her while she was preparing for her big day.

We then walked over to The New York Public Library for photos with the bridal party which gave us the opportunity to get some dynamic NYC street photos. From there we continued to Grand Central Station which is basically The Yale Club’s back yard and one of our favorite places in NY to capture our gorgeous couples.

The bride loves live music and knew she wanted Hank Lane’s Steve DeLisi Band band at her wedding before she even met her husband! Good call! They were truly entertaining and their music brought everyone to the dance floor as soon as guests entered the reception. Dancing was followed by dinner, some hilarious and powerful toasts and a delicious dinner.

Congrats guys, and thanks for bringing us along to document this amazing day in your lives!

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Happy 2016!

Another year has passed and as always, we want to take this time to thank those of you who have invited us into your lives to capture such meaningful and momentous occasions. 2015 has not been kind to many people around the Globe and we are constantly bombarded with heartbreaking news.  It can be quite challenging to keep smiles on our faces and to stay positive despite all of the turmoil in this word.  That said, we feel so fortunate that our profession allows us be surrounded by celebration and love at every event we attend and that the memories we capture will continue to uplift you and your families for generations.

Here are a few of our favorite images from 2015.

Peace and Love,

Jess and Josh


View from The Pierre Hotel while the Bride and Groom get ready prior to their wedding at the Central Park Zoo


A Bride’s sister touches up her makeup a few moments before she walks down the aisle at her wedding at The Montauk Club, Brooklyn, NY.


Groomsmen getting ready at the Groom’s apartment in Williamsburg before their wedding at the Brooklyn Museum


Still life of a simple and elegant wedding dress before the Bride got dressed for her wedding at the enchanting and rustic Waterloo Village in New Jersey


Bride’s vail blowing in the wind on the rooftop of the Pierre Hotel. Their wedding was at The Central Park Zoo.


Bat Mitzvah girl prepares for her service at Rodeph Sholom synagogue in Manhattan.


Table decor at a Bar Mitzvah at 26 Bridge in Brooklyn. Decor by Rock Paper Scissors Events


Bar Mitzvah boy at 26 Bridge.


Parent toasts at a Bar Mitzvah at 26 Bridge.


Bat Mitzvah girl at Marquee.


Bat Mitzvah girl dancing with her father at Marquee.


Groom gets thrown in the air at his wedding at Weylin B. Seymour’s, in Williamsburg Brooklyn


Proud Bat Mitzvah mom during the hora at The Liberty Warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Dancing for the Bride and Groom at a wedding at Weylin B. Seymour’s, in Williamsburg Brooklyn


Family portrait in Central Park before a Bar Mitzvah at The Empire Hotel in Manhattan.


Bride peeking at her wedding guests before walking down the aisle at The Central Park Zoo.


A young guest Checks his phone at a Bar Mitzvah at 26 Bridge, in Dumbo, Brooklyn


A Bride and her sister share some tears at a wedding at Brooklyn Winery.


Beautiful decor by David Beahm at a wedding at The Central Park Zoo.


Newly married Bride and Groom cross the street in Bushwick, Brooklyn as they approach their reception.


Intimate wedding ceremony at The Vale of Cashmere in Prospect Park.

First and foremost, thank you very much to Matt and Reena for hiring us to document your big day! Your wedding was amazing!!

It took place at Waterloo Village, which was an old canal village half way between the Hudson River with the Delaware River back in the early 1900’s. The village had an inn, a general store, a church and a blacksmith. For years it was abandoned, then a visitor site and now is being transitioned into a wedding venue which will eventually have accommodation for guests. Matt and Reena’s wedding was the 9th wedding they have had!

Having said all the above, the setting was gorgeous! The grounds are beautiful and were perfect backdrops for photos. their florist used old vases to tie in to the history of the venue, the grooms mom baked seriously delicious colorful macaroons, we loved the mismatch chairs the venue has including great food and a very friendly staff who made their day and our job smoother.

Congrats to Matt and Reena! Enjoy the pictures below!


Waterloo Village 01 Waterloo Village 02 Waterloo Village 03 Waterloo Village 04 Waterloo Village 05 Waterloo Village 06 Waterloo Village 07 Waterloo Village 08 Waterloo Village 09 Waterloo Village 10 Waterloo Village 11 Waterloo Village 12 Waterloo Village 13 Waterloo Village 14 Waterloo Village 15 Waterloo Village 17 Waterloo Village 18 Waterloo Village 19 Waterloo Village 20 Waterloo Village 21 Waterloo Village 22 Waterloo Village 23 Waterloo Village 24 Waterloo Village 25 Waterloo Village 26 Waterloo Village 27 Waterloo Village 28 Waterloo Village 29 Waterloo Village 30 Waterloo Village 31 Waterloo Village 32 Waterloo Village 33 Waterloo Village 34 Waterloo Village 35 Waterloo Village 36 Waterloo Village 37 Waterloo Village 38 Waterloo Village 39 Waterloo Village 40 Waterloo Village 41 Waterloo Village 42 Waterloo Village 43 Waterloo Village 44 Waterloo Village 45 Waterloo Village 46 Waterloo Village 47 Waterloo Village 48 Waterloo Village 49 Waterloo Village 50 Waterloo Village 51 Waterloo Village 52 Waterloo Village 53 Waterloo Village 54 Waterloo Village 55 Waterloo Village 56 Waterloo Village 57 Waterloo Village 58 Waterloo Village 59 Waterloo Village 60 Waterloo Village 61 Waterloo Village 62



We LOVE shooting weddings in Brooklyn!!

Marc and Julie got married at Montauk Club, (where Jess had her sweet 16!!) a private social club which has been around since the late 1800’s, just down the street from Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza, which is where the first look took place, with the water fountain in the background!

The food was amazing as always, a kick ass band called Nocturne, and yummy doughnuts from Dough in Brooklyn.

All in all it was a great night which we will remember for a while!

Congrats Marc and Julie!!

Montauk Club 01 Montauk Club 02 Montauk Club 03 Montauk Club 04 Montauk Club 05 Montauk Club 06 Montauk Club 07 Montauk Club 08 Montauk Club 09 Montauk Club 10 Montauk Club 11 Montauk Club 12 Montauk Club 13 Montauk Club 14 Montauk Club 15 Montauk Club 16 Montauk Club 17 Montauk Club 18 Montauk Club 19 Montauk Club 20 Montauk Club 21 Montauk Club 22 Montauk Club 23

It’s always great shooting at The University Club! This place is one of the oldest social clubs in the city with a beautiful and very grand ballroom.

Mike and Kaitlin’s brought in an oyster vender from Kaitlin’s home town in MA, who caught these oysters in the morning, drove 5 hours and shucked them for the guests during cocktail hour. One word DELICIOUS!!

They also hired Nicolette Camille ( as their florist whose center pieces were simply gorgeous.

Please scroll down to view some of our favorite images from their wedding, Enjoy!


University club 01 University club 02 University club 03 University club 04 University club 05 University club 06 University club 07 University club 08 University club 09 University club 10 University club 11 University club 12 University club 13 University club 14 University club 15 University club 16 University club 17 University club 18 University club 19 University club 20 University club 21 University club 22 University club 23 University club 24 University club 25

The day started off at Rodeph Shalom Synagogue on the Upper West Side for some energetic yet relaxed family portraits.  I re-joined the family later that afternoon at Marquee in Chelsea for an unforgettable reception.

We love working with Chandelier Events who assisted the family in the planning and scheduling of the day and who also conceptualized and designed the decor and floral arrangements. Amy Jacobs ensures that the day runs smoothly and is super creative. The food made by Riviera Caterers was  beyond delicious their presentation was gorgeous and elegant. Below you’ll see photos of fish tacos with both virgin and alcoholic margaritas, their take on lox and bagels presented on a 6 foot “tray”, mini burgers, mini pizzas, s’mores for dessert and many more beyond yummy treats.

Guests danced, played games and took photos at the photo booth. Hakim from EJ The Dj is one of the best MC’s we have worked with (and we have worked with plenty…) He had both kids and grownups up on their feet and dancing all night long

Mazal Tov Maddy!!


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A big Mazal tov to Nathan and his family!

A few weeks ago we shot this super cool industrial chic Bar Mitzvah at 26 Bridge in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Dumbo’s graffiti stained walls and cobble stone streets was a perfect compliment to the venue’s raw interior.  This was great inspiration for event designers Rock Paper Scissors who incorporated the Brooklyn Vintage aesthetic along side an urban rustic style including small watertowers and vintage books as centerpieces. To compliment the Brooklyn decor was flavorful and gorgeous food by one of our favorite Brooklyn based caterers Naturally Delicious.

The teenagers enjoyed shooting hoops, playing foosball on one of the longest tables we have seen so far, and of course they had to play that timeless game of Coke & Pepsi before dancing their behinds off all night long.

Enjoy the photos below!


Nathan blog 01 Nathan blog 02 Nathan blog 03 Nathan blog 04 Nathan blog 05 Nathan blog 06 Nathan blog 07 Nathan blog 08 Nathan blog 09 Nathan blog 10 Nathan blog 11 Nathan blog 12 Nathan blog 13 Nathan blog 14 Nathan blog 15 Nathan blog 16 Nathan blog 17 Nathan blog 18 Nathan blog 19 Nathan blog 20 Nathan blog 21 Nathan blog 22 Nathan blog 23 Nathan blog 24 Nathan blog 25 Nathan blog 26 Nathan blog 27 Nathan blog 28 Nathan blog 29 Nathan blog 30 Nathan blog 31 Nathan blog 32 Nathan blog 34 Nathan blog 35 Nathan blog 36 Nathan blog 37 Nathan blog 38 Nathan blog 39 Nathan blog 40 Nathan blog 41 Nathan blog 42 Nathan blog 43-2

For the longest time we were waiting for the combination of the right couple and a snow storm. After yesterdays mini blizzard, when New York City was dumped with 8 inches of nice, fluffy white snow, this lovely couple and I headed out to central park to snap some fun photos. Here is a very quick sneak peek of our session, enjoy!

Sarah_Andrew 06 Sarah_Andrew 13 Sarah_Andrew 36 Sarah_Andrew 43